December 8, 2023

White Cave Gallery’s futuristic curvy interior designed by 123 Architects

Developed by 123 Architects, White Cave is a retail and gallery room on the very…

White Cave

Developed by 123 Architects, White Cave is a retail and gallery room on the very first flooring of a developing in central Beijing surrounded by skyscrapers. The store sells a variety of designer items this kind of as home furniture and paintings, and it was developed to be versatile in buy to accommodate its special wares when remaining useful.

There is plenty of space for exhibiting items in a exceptional way, and a VIP space presents noteworthy consumers with a futuristic space where by they can shop in privacy. The current all-glass façade has been high-quality-tuned with a significant 1.5-meter-deep exhibit room that draws passers-by in.

White Cave

In contrast to the bordering mega-scale city house of broad streets and skyscrapers, the layout supplies an unanticipated escape that provides an inviting and intimate practical experience.

The intention has been to structure a room that encourages you to be creative and imagine alternate choices – not just a easy box, but a position in which house and entire body interact with each individual other in curiosity, just as the first recordings of art began in just a cave.

A display spot runs the size of the façade. It is distinguished by a large cavernous opening to the proper of the entrance, which draws one’s focus toward the back again of the retail outlet, providing a glimpse into the inside. The exterior wall to the still left of the entrance is outfitted with quick dimming glass to deliver privacy when necessary.

White Cave

The interior place is a blank canvas of white partitions and concrete floors, with an animated ceiling. The ceiling’s surface area swells like waves to protected as significantly of the spatial height as achievable, building high and low locations that organically and intuitively conceal piping, such as existing ducts. Lighting is put at the optimum details of the ceiling to generate the illusion of lightwells as if purely natural light-weight were pouring into the “cave.”

Behind the exhibit house together the façade is the VIP room. It gets to be frosted by means of the use of instantaneous dimming glass in conjunction with the exterior glazing, offering a non-public room for VIP shoppers. When privacy is not essential, it can be made use of as a huge display screen house seen from the exterior. It is furnished with silver tufted sofas, illuminated glass floors, and a tented ceiling, resulting in an interior that is equally classical and futuristic.

White Cave

Undertaking Information

Job: White Cave
Architects: 123 architects
Location: 236 m²
12 months: 2020
Suppliers: Corian, DAGU, Kvadrat, Nippon Paint
Guide Architect: Kazushi Miyamoto
Challenge Architect: Xiyangzi Cao
Lighting Advisor: Shunchao Bao
City: Beijing
Country: China
Images: Weiqi Jin, Kazushi Miyamoto