December 8, 2023

Interior design tips: Paint expert shares painting method to make a room look bigger

Painting a wall halfway can actually make a room feel much better. This is especially…

Painting a wall halfway can actually make a room feel much better. This is especially the case if using tonal colours, as an interior design and home decor expert has said.

Rebecca Snowden is an interior style advisor for Furniture and Choice. She told “Half-painted walls can also optically enlarge small spaces.”

She went on: “In the bedroom, for example, create a restful effect with two-tone peach walls, using the lighter peach on top for an airy feel.

“In a home office, where you might want to energise the room, opt for a cheerful half-painted yellow wall as this colour is associated with creativity.”

Using a tonal or monochromatic colour scheme is best for this DIY trick to create a sense of space.

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“Instead, you can paint your radiator, shelves and light switches in the same colour as the wall it’s on.

“This creates the illusion of a seamless, continuous space.”

When the eye is drawn around the space without interruptions in colour from the radiator light switch, this makes the room look bigger.

The same goes for painting the coving, or the decorative strip between the ceiling at the wall the same colour as this wall. This will draw the eye up and make ceilings feel higher.

She also explained how the room can make a small room look bigger. 

Rebecca said: “Layout in the room is important.”

Make sure to create a clear pathway around the room, so there is an easy way to navigate and use it.”

How can you do this? Rebecca said: “Keep the pathway clear and move furniture closer to the walls.”