December 4, 2023

How to design a beautiful, beneficial pollinator garden | Calendar

We often measure success in our garden with how well plants develop and produce an…

We often measure success in our garden with how well plants develop and produce an attractive landscape. But we do not always think about providing a habitat that will also attract pollinators. Cindy Gilbert will talk on guiding our decisions to help us design pollinator gardens, small and large. The loss of habitat and disruption of the life cycles of plants and insects makes pollinator gardening even more important today than it may have been in the past. The talk is sponsored by the Transylvania County Extension Master Gardeners and is part of the monthly program of talks and demonstrations that will interest Master Gardeners, amateur gardeners and the public at large.

The purposefully designed pollinator garden will result in a landscape that is both attractive and useful. The simple yet detailed components will create interest throughout the garden season. Review of past and present pollinator gardens will be highlighted along with current garden challenges. Some practical gardening solutions will be explored. Planting tips and tricks for the healthy garden will be described along with recommendations for what to add or subtract or keep in your garden. Not every plant is welcome. The approach is to explore gardening for pollinators, and the result will no doubt enhance the habitat for all. Site selection, plant selection, problem solving and after care will be described. In this lecture, there will be guidelines to help you whittle down your plant wish list. You will have the tools to make your favorite plant choices from the multitude of resources available today.

Cindy Gilbert has been a Master Gardener volunteer for Transylvania County since 2018 and is interested in all things green and growing. She is living her long-term interests of gardening and volunteering along with sharing her interests in protection and conservation of our fragile world. Cindy was hooked on gardening at a young age by her mother who provided her a rocky garden spot to plant seeds of radishes and zinnias. She left South Carolina for North Carolina State University and studied landscape architecture. Later she went on to Auburn University to pursue Community Planning. One of her first jobs included identifying all the groundcover, shrubs, and trees on the Clemson University Campus. What a fun job! She has worked and volunteered designing, installing, and maintaining interior and exterior landscapes and gardens for homes, commercial buildings, college landscapes, and community gardens. As a Landscape Professional, she taught continuing education courses at LSU and presented many classes to Master Gardeners, community leaders, and schoolchildren. A highlight of Cindy’s career was having the honor of offering vegetable/ companion flower gardening opportunities for low-income children and elderly. As a Master Gardener, she wants to give the opportunity to others to participate in watching the miracle of a plant growing in the ground and seeing it grow to its full potential.

The talk is sponsored by the Transylvania County Extension Master Gardeners and will be on Tuesday, June 14, from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. and will held in the Board of Elections Conference Room at 150 S. Gaston St, Brevard. The public are welcome and there is no charge. Light refreshments will be served starting at 9.30 am. Telephone (828) 884-3109 for any questions.

Janet Lute is a Master Gardener.