September 22, 2023

Hamptons Home: Tour One Summer-Ready House That’s All About The Nuanced Art of Subtlety | Architectural Digest

In the living room, an armchair by Carlo Hauner and Martin Eisler (Bossa Furniture), an…

In the living room, an armchair by Carlo Hauner and Martin Eisler (Bossa Furniture), an antique African side table (Form Atelier), and a chair and ottoman set by George Nakashima (Dobrinka Salzman Gallery) frame the fireplace. In front, a vintage Japanese stool (Dobrinka Salzman Gallery) and a coffee table by Kaspar Hamacher. Above, a work by Mai-Thu Perret. Carpet from Shabab Gallery.

Some projects are also stories. The tale of this renovation of a Hamptons home in Sag Harbor, is best told by interior designer Sandra Weingort. “On March 26, 2020, when the owner contacted me, New York City, like much of the world, was under a pandemic lockdown,” she explains. “Since I hadn’t yet mastered all the ropes of working remotely during Covid, my first thought was that it would be irresponsible to take on this project without even visiting it. But she said she was ‘willing to take any risk to be able to work with me.’ We became friends and now laugh about that initial conversation.”

The client’s house was like many a Hamptons home—spacious, with a pool, and offering an appealing escape from the hustle-and-bustle of the city. It has four bedrooms and an office, a television room, a breakfast room, a kitchen, a dining room, and a large reception room. The house was also completely devoid of furniture, meaning that Weingort was being offered a blank slate. The brief? To make this house, with its unobstructed views of Sag Harbor Bay, a haven of peace and comfort that was welcoming and inviting.

On a long vintage table, vases by Shiro Tsujimura and Claude Conover (Dobrinka Salzmandes Gallery). Chairs by Sergio Rodrigues (Bossa Furniture). On the wall, photos by Hiroshi Sugimoto (Form Atelier). Hanging fixture by Serge Mouille (Dobrinka Salzmandes Gallery).